A tooth that has some decay may contain a cavity or hole in the tooth. If the decay isn’t removed early enough then this can cause it to spread down through the tooth. This can lead to infection, pain and sometimes tooth loss. We use fillings to fill the gap once the decay has been removed. This allows you to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible.

We advise that you do everything possible to avoid dental decay and therefore avoid fillings. Your dentist will be happy to provide extensive oral hygiene instructions and training. This will give you all the information you need to stay dentally fit.

Sometimes decay has progressed and fillings are unavoidable. Therefore, after your dental examination, your dentist will give you all the options available. Once you start treatment, we will use a local anaesthetic and then remove all the decay from the tooth. We’ll then fill the cavity with a dental filling that is right for you. These fillings are hard wearing and can last many years, with the right care.

At Grayshott Dental, we most commonly work with a white composite filling. The white composite provides you with a very discreet and virtually invisible filling. We can also replace your old silver amalgam fillings with a composite. This may help you achieve a more natural-looking smile.

A white composite can often also be used to repair chipped teeth. This is simply cosmetic treatment to improve the aesthetic look of your smile. Your dentist can advise you if this treatment is suitable for you during your dental examinations.

If you are concerned that you may have decay or a hole in the tooth please contact us on 01428 606015. Alternatively, if you have a chipped tooth and want to enquire about a composite, please book an appointment.

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